Calling All Logophiles: Websites that Combat Spell Check!

What do writers have in common with each other?Work for Success. Read more freelance writing tips and success focused blogs on Dictionaries.

What do writers use to express themselves on a daily basis without writing the same words and phrases? A thesaurus.

Admittedly, I find both of these items troublesome. They both tend to be bulky and require me to hold them open to search for words. It doesn’t take much effort to open the pages of these resourceful books but when I’m in the throes of a writing fit, I do not want to put my thoughts on hold for the sake of grammatical insecurity.

To write quickly with little writing process interruptions, I visit and Both websites are bookmarked and on my browser window toolbar.

The best parts about these websites include:

  • They’re Smart – Sound a little goofy saying “lackadaisical” out loud? So does – if you need a word sounded out for you, it will speak to you.
  • They’re Mobile – You know that the WordPress app on your Android and iPhone is the most convenient way to keep your readers updated and informed while you’re on the go. If you get stumped while writing your latest post via smart phone, download the Dictionary app before you start blogging to ensure correctly spelled words are used.
  • They’re Social – You love social media, so follow on Facebook and make your friends feel like slackers… you know you can’t resist.
  • They’re Free – Using and is free to everyone.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Learn new words, phrases, idioms, and whatever else you’re word savvy heart desires by visiting and Making appearances on the Web in 1995, the websites are the most relied upon online treasure chests for all web users. Bookmark them today!
cool photo retrieved from Angela Ingersoll [dot] com
Calling All Logophiles: Websites that Combat Spell Check!

A penny for your thoughts!

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