A Freelance Writer’s Life Hack: 3 Tips for Getting Things Done

Gerilyn’s 3 Tips for Getting Things Done

Deflect negative energy by not worrying about the things you cannot change.

  1. Make a Daily Cheat Sheet – Take a tip from freelance writers: write everything down. It’s not as if you’ll forget your head if it weren’t attached to your body – sometimes the busier we are, the more tasks we forget to complete. To remedy this, give yourself a little wiggle room with a “To Do” or “Daily Cheat Sheet” to help you effectively manage your time and complete your tasks.
  2. Get Started – The hardest part of getting things done, even after you’ve created your “To Do” list, is simply getting started. Procrastination is the enemy of all humans, no matter what profession. As a writer, I’ve battled this evil demon for years but I’ve gotten a handle on it by just waking up everyday with the thought: “Wake up and Start“. Find the thing that motivates you to get started, whether it is the goal of writing another chapter of your novel or enjoying a delicious cup of Jo’.
  3. Take Breaks – Fifteen to twenty minutes is enough of a break for me to get my head out of my writing and just unwind from the creative process. When you’re locked into the process of writing or other daily tasks, it’s easy to get caught up in the intensity and come out with more stress than you thought would develop. Instead of waiting for those knots to lump into your shoulders and neck, schedule a few breaks throughout the day.

NOTE: keep in mind that worrying about your tasks and what you need to get done during your professional work days and everyday at-home tasks won’t get anything done. Taking breaks ever so often will help you combat worrying about the next item on your list, and soon you won’t even have anything to worry about because you’re getting everything done – on your time, on your terms!

How do you get motivated to write? How do you get things done as a freelancer? Share your Writing and Productivity Tips with me at writing.purpose@gmail.com or in the comment box below this post.

A Freelance Writer’s Life Hack: 3 Tips for Getting Things Done

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